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READY TO WEAR SEIKO MOD is an excellent decision for watch lovers who value individuality, design, quality and reliability. Here are some reasons why owning a “Buy ready-made Seiko mod” from CUSTOM WATCH MOD is worthwhile:

  • Originality and individuality
  • Perfectly coordinated design
  • Quality and craftsmanship
  • Affordability, compared to some other watch brands
  • Increased value (unique)
  • Seiko modding from a professional

Sub Mod Black ´n´ Blue

Immerse yourself with the Sub Mod Black ‘n’ Blue and its black and blue sunburst dial. The watch is in mint condition.

The watch has a 10 ATM leak test including test report.

Buy ready-made Seiko mod - Seiko Mod Sub Black 'n' Blue with black-blue dial and sunburst effect. Perfect for divers and watch lovers.

Seiko Mod Specifications

  • Seiko NH35 Movement
  • black-blue sunburst dial
  • Sapphire crystal with 2.5 date magnifier
  • Ceramic inlay
  • Dial, hands and inlay with BGW 9 lume
  • 10 ATM leak test

Impressions of the Sub Mod Black ´n´ Blue

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