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Individuality on the wrist

Seiko watch modding

Discover the fascinating world of Seiko watch modding and give your timekeeping a personal touch. Seiko watches are synonymous with precision and quality, but why not go one step further and make your watch a unique statement?

Why mod Seiko watches?

Seiko watch modding allows you to customize your watch according to your personal preferences. From dials to hands to bezels – the possibilities are endless. By adding individual elements, you can turn your Seiko watch into an exclusive accessory that underlines your personality.

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Our selection of modding components

In our extensive range you will find high-quality modding components for Seiko watches. From eye-catching dials with different colors and patterns to custom-made hands that make your watch stand out, we offer everything to make your Seiko watch unique.

Unique Seiko watches from CUSTOM WATCH MOD for a unique you

Modding Seiko watches gives you the opportunity to design your watch the way you want. Whether for personal use or as a special gift – a modified Seiko watch is always an eye-catcher. Discover the world of Seiko watch modding and turn your timepieces into an individual work of art.

GMT Aviation Mod Pilot 05
CUSTOm WATCH MOD - Premium Seiko Modding

Seiko watch modding from CUSTOM WATCH MOD for personality on your wrist

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Seiko watch modding and give your watch a personal touch. With us you will find everything you need for a successful modding experience. Create a unique accessory that not only measures time, but also highlights your individuality. Mod your Seiko watch today and wear art on your wrist!

CUSTOM WATCH MOD: Professional Seiko modding for following Seiko watch models:

  • Seiko SKX007
  • Seiko SKX009
  • Seiko SKX013
  • Seiko SKX031
  • Seiko SRPD
  • Seiko SNZF Urchin
  • Seiko Turtle
  • Seiko Sumo
  • Seiko Samurai
  • …and other homage watch models.
Deepsea Mod JC

Seiko Modding Impressions of CUSTOM WATCH MOD

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