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Seiko modding since 2018

Since 2018, Custom Watch Mod has been successfully modifying various Seiko watch models for Seiko watch lovers from all over Europe.
Well over 500 customers across Europe from Sweden, Ireland, England, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, to name a few… and of course also from Germany, have used Custom Watch Mod’s Seiko Modding to upgrade their watch according to their personal wishes taken.

And not just once. Many Seiko enthusiasts have already used our modding for other Seiko mods. That makes us very proud…

We are very happy and grateful for so much encouragement for the work and the satisfied watch lovers who have left us their feedback here.

We would like to say thank you… Thank you for your trust, thank you for your patience, even if it takes a little longer and thank you for the same passion for Seiko watches.

Basically, I had the image of the mod for my SKX007 in my head for a long time. CWM helped me to achieve this through competent advice and flawless work. Thank you for that. I can only recommend CWM.

Dennis R.
Siegburg, Germany
After my Seiko SRP777 got a few scuffs and scratches over the last few years, I decided to use this watch as a craft watch and replaced the bezel, inlay and glass.
Unfortunately, my technical skills did not produce the desired result. Luckily, after a short search, I found CWM, which was able to implement my modification professionally and do the whole thing quickly, at a fair price and with perfect communication.
The watch turned out absolutely perfect, I would love to buy it again.

Marvin B.
Klettgau, Germany
I decided on an extremely extensive modification of my SKX007K and my vision was implemented perfectly down to the last detail.
The now highly customized watch absolutely exceeds my expectations visually and technically. Above all, the friendly and courteous communication as well as the professional implementation of my wishes were remarkable. You can definitely feel that Custom Watch Mod has a great passion for watches.
I will definitely contact CWM again at the first opportunity!

Luka H.
Meppen, Germany
I’m excited! Excellent work!
Thank you for the implementation and professional support from the offer to delivery.

Roland S.
Oldenburg, Germany
I was bored with my Samurai PADI Pepsi, so I turned to CWM. A Yacht-Master inlay and a double dome in AR blue were inserted, now it looks “amazing”! The processing was perfect from the inquiry, through the offer, to implementation and delivery. Custom Watch Mod answered all of my questions quickly, professionally and friendly. I give it full marks!
PS: The next project is already being planned!

Oliver H.
Namborn, Germany
The watch corresponds exactly to my expectations. I like it very much. Thank you again for the quick and excellent craftsmanship in carrying out my wishes.
I was also pleased to be informed promptly and with photos about the progress of your work on the watch. I would be happy to contact you again if new ideas for a Seiko conversion come up.

Volker D.
Frankenthal, Germany
The service from and the professional processing of my customer requests is clearly highlighted and clearly distances them from other providers on the market.
I would be happy to contact you again to discuss further ideas and implement them for myself.

Tom R.
München, Germany
You always have a slightly uneasy feeling about giving such a beautiful piece on its journey to an actual stranger. I was even more pleased with your exemplary and absolutely transparent communication. I almost had the feeling that I was there live during the modding. And everything went so quickly – great, very well done, 5 star rating!

Ingo P.
Ebersberg, Germany
Basically, I had the image of the mod for my SKX007 in my head for a long time. CWM helped me to achieve this through competent advice and flawless work. Thank you for that. I can only recommend CWM.

Dennis R.
Siegburg, Germany
The modding of my watch was carried out professionally and quickly. I am very happy with the beautiful result of my Seiko watch!

Marvin B.
Klettgau, Germany
Friendly advice, transparent processing, great results. Gladly again 🙂

Anton D.
Berlin, Germany
Very great transformation of my Seiko SKX007 into a truly individual watch. The watch looks exactly as I imagined it. Communication was always very good and the work was really professional.

Lukas S.
I called CWM to modify my used Seiko SKX007 and make it more successful. The result fully corresponds to my request. The management of the practical aspects was also perfect.

I was no longer satisfied with the rate values or rate deviations of my Seiko SKX007. Thanks to Custom Watch Mod, my watch is now perfectly regulated. Thanks.

Kiel, Germany
Thank you for what you have made of an SKX0007: a unique watch that is completely different than it was before “modding”. A very pleasant contact, the implementation of the ideas also went quickly. The wait was worth it, I got a more “individual”, “more elegant”, “higher quality” and “impressive” watch.
Probably won’t be the only one…

Ulrich R.
Bamberg, Germany
I would like to thank you for the advice, the glass change, the good and fast communication, and the fair price.

Great experience ordering from Custom Watch Mod. From the selection of parts, to the build and follow-up of the project, everything turned out exactly how I envisioned it. The watch was received quickly after completion, and looks amazing. I definitely recommend Custom Watch Mod for your personal one-of-a-kind SKX!

Romain D.
Ecaussinnes, Belgium
The watch exceeded my expectations. She looks fantastic. I would like to thank you for the professional work and the pleasant contact. Custom Watch Mod is definitely recommended.

Hendrik R.
Kamen, Germany
I had my used Seiko SKX converted at customwatchmod. With the great modding parts, the watch is exactly what I wanted. Price, workmanship and delivery time were top. I would be happy to recommend customwatchmod. Thank you!

Curt L.
Walldorf, Germany
Thank you for putting so much effort into my SKX007‎. The watch looks great with the convex sapphire crystal. I am very glad that you also noticed and corrected various other defects in the watch. Communication with you was always very friendly and timely. Therefore: as they say on Ebay: ‘gladly again’!

Michael S.
Wien, Austria
Great work, great communication, you obviously enjoy what you’re doing…

Franziska G.
Lidingö, Sweden
The Seiko SKX is one of the most popular diving watches of recent years. If you want to stand out from the crowd, Custom Watch Mod is the perfect choice. From the planning phase to shipping, you will be informed about everything in great detail here. My watch turned out just great, thank you again for that!

Martin M.
Baden, Austria
After much consideration, I decided to modify my Seiko. Given the wide range of modification options, Custom Watch Mod gave me more than competent and patient advice and also made its own suggestions. My already very beautiful Seiko has received a significant upgrade without being overloaded or no longer recognizable as a Seiko. I am also grateful for the quick and uncomplicated processing. I’m more than thrilled.

Lars G.
Meran, Italy
I thank Custom Watch Mod for his technical skill and professionalism. A strong hug by Igor from Italy.

Igor P.
Neive, Italy
Hello Custom Watch Mod, to make it short and factual :-): Communication: Excellent, Price: Absolutely fair, End result: Beautiful :-). I like the watch so much that I’m already thinking about having another one made.

Mario B.
Emmendingen, Germany
Custom Watch Mod customized my watch exactly how I wanted it. In the original it is much more beautiful than can be seen in the photos that I received from you in advance. I can only recommend I’m very satisfied. Many thanks at this point for the great realization at a top price-performance ratio. I will certainly have one or two conversions carried out at CWM in the future. Many greetings from Neufahrn!

Mike E.
Neufahrn, Germany
Custom Watch Mod did a great job. The modifications are not only visually impressive, the new crown also shows a significant functional improvement. Now I have the choice, on a black leather strap or the Strapcode Super Engineer bracelet, both harmonious. A great tool watch!

Markus B.
Friesenheim, Germany
I am happy to have entrusted Custom Watch Mod with my watch mod. The whole process was very smooth and the end result is perfect. CWM is a very knowledgeable and attentive professional. I’m already looking forward to my next custom watch!

Eduardo M.
Berlin, Germany
I ordered the watch, modding parts and the conversion from Custom Watch Mod and am more than satisfied with the result. The communication and advice regarding the modding parts was excellent. The conversion of the Seiko was carried out very cleanly; the inlay of the bezel and minute track on the chapter ring (rehaut) were perfectly aligned. The result: a great watch that isn’t available on every corner. I would order from CWM again at any time. Thank you again at this point – greetings from Switzerland.

Roger H.
I became aware of the Seiko SKX007 through a work colleague. I was immediately excited by the opportunity to customize a mechanical watch inexpensively. Custom Watch Mod carried out the work, both procuring parts and installing supplied ones. The fact that I can not only rely on the listed models when purchasing, but that CWM can also procure parts on request is great. So the world is your oyster and you can create your own very special, unique piece. The price for the service is fair and if something doesn’t go smoothly right away, there are solutions instead of stress. Thank you for putting together this beautiful clock for me.

Andreas R.
Münster, Germany
I came across the Custom Watch Mod website through a classic Google search and shortly afterwards contacted CWM about purchasing a Seiko SKX 007 and the corresponding “modding”. I had feedback in a super short time – we then exchanged ideas about various options – Custom Watch Mod organized some extraordinary parts that give the Seiko an incredibly great vintage diver look.
Great service – great advice – quick processing. I can and will always recommend him. Thank you!

Sven K.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
I am pleased with the specially put together Seiko SKX Mod. The watch corresponds exactly to my expectations. Good workmanship and good value for money. I would be happy to recommend you.

Ibbenbüren, Germany
Very friendly, quick and adequate advice. Both the watch and modding parts including the conversion were carried out via The result is more than satisfactory! We recommend!

Michael B.
Ingolstadt, Germany
I ordered my new watch including the modding parts and did the “conversion” via Custom Watch Mod – good price and great workmanship – everything was tip top – I’m happy to recommend it!

A. B.
Leonding, Austria
My wish was to wear a watch that exactly corresponds to my personal ideas. Custom Watch Mod was exactly the right address for this. With a great range of modding parts, I now have exactly the watch I wanted. I am completely satisfied with the performance of Custom Watch Mod and can only recommend it!

Hermann R.
Linz, Austria
Thanks to Custom Watch Mod, my dream watch finally came true. Arrangement and ordering were uncomplicated and transparent. My new watch looks fantastic!

München, Germany
This is the second time I have had an idea implemented at Custom Watch Mod; Regardless of whether you order all the parts here or contribute some yourself, it works smoothly. Communication works, anyone who needs advice or suggestions gets both, and the quality is right. There is probably no other address that makes it so easy to get your own watch.

Christian. S.
Dortmund, Germany
The watch turned out just great, just as I imagined it, I’m totally thrilled. A short request with the selected details and parts was sent and off we went. You were informed about everything in great detail and adequately, from pictures of the finished watch to the tracking number of the package. The best address for the mod of your Seiko SKX. Thank you again.

W. S.
Velbert, Germany
Friendly contact with feedback on the status of the modifications through to shipping, top modding parts of high quality and professional conversion of my SKX. If you want to give your Seiko a personal touch, you’ve come to the right place!

Dirk. S.
Elsdorf, Germany
Finally a reliable address for Seiko mods in Germany that was able to implement all of my wishes perfectly. From the first contact to completion, everything went to my complete satisfaction. Absolute recommendation!

Thomas H.
Ilvesheim, Germany
Best quality of the modding parts, nice contact, good workmanship, certainly one of the best addresses to have your Seiko modified!

Patrick D.
Freiburg, Germany
I am completely thrilled with the modification of my Seiko SKX! Due to the high quality of the watch conversion, the professional processing and the extremely fast communication, I can 100% recommend the services of Custom Watch Mod! Thank you from Munich!

Curtis G.
München, Germany
I decided to have my SKX modified at Custom Watch Mod because I could buy the watch there and have it modified straight away. I was impressed by the large selection of modding parts as well as the advice on clarifying the last questions. The order processing or the process was efficient and friendly. I am very satisfied with the result and can only recommend Custom Watch Mod.

Michael M.
Zürich, Swiss
Very good service and great work. The watch turned out perfect. Exactly as I imagined. Everything went very quickly and easily. What was particularly good was that I was kept informed at all times about the current status, including tracking the package. Will not be my last modding here.

Steffen R.
Rödinghausen, Germany
I had my Seiko upgraded with a black Yachtmaster inlay and matching double dome sapphire crystal with blue AR coating at Custom Watch Mod. Just beautiful!

Andreas H.
Straubing, Germany
With the new Mercedes hands, the coin bezel and the beautiful black sub ceramic inlay, my Seiko is no longer recognizable. Thanks for the great work and the good advice!

Manuel S.
Duisburg, Germany