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  • Seiko SKX007
  • Seiko SKX009
  • Seiko SKX013
  • Seiko SKX031
  • Seiko SRPD
  • Seiko SNZF Urchin
  • Seiko Turtle
  • Seiko Sumo
  • Seiko Samurai
  • …and other homage watch models.

Premium Seiko Mods by Custom Watch Mod

Seiko modding across Europe since 2018

The Seiko Mod has long been enjoyed by watch enthusiasts. Not only are the elegant cases of the various Seiko models such as the Seiko SKX, SRPD, SNFZ Urchin, Turtle, Sumo or Samurai very popular, but also the opportunity to personalize or upgrade the Seiko watch according to your personal ideas Being able to do this makes the hearts of Seiko watch enthusiasts beat faster.

Custom Watch Mod modifies your personal and individual Seiko Mod: from sporty over elegant to luxurious.

Premium Seiko Modding by CUSTOM WATCH MOD

Unique style with a Seiko mod

Learn how a Seiko Mod can add a touch of individuality to your outfit. Discover the different modding parts that allow you to customize your watch according to your personal preferences.

Be inspired by the countless possible combinations and find your very own style.


Sub Mod Black ´n´ Blue with Seiko NH35 Movement

Modding parts for Seiko watches

Which parts of the Seiko watch can be modified / modded?

Seiko Mod case in different versions: Stylish selection for individual watch style.


Unique Seiko Mod Cases: Add a personal touch to your watch!

Seiko Mod dial with trendy designs and diverse styles.


The fascinating world of the Seiko Mod dial: a look at the latest trends and designs.

Seiko mod hands in different designs and lumens. Stylish and luminous hands for Seiko watches.


Immerse yourself in the world of Seiko Mod hands: a variety of shapes and lumens for individual styles.

Seiko Mod Chapter Ring in different designs and large selection. Perfect for individual watch adjustments.

Chapter Ring

Seiko Mod Chapter rings in various designs: An exciting selection for watch lovers!

Seiko Mod Inlay in numerous colored designs and variations.


Give your Seiko bezel a new look with the diverse Seiko Mod inlays!

Seiko Mod bezel: matt or polished, colored or silver. Perfect addition to your watch.


Discover the variety of Seiko Mod bezels: matt or polished, colored or silver – the choice is yours!

Seiko Mod crown with signed S or your own engraving idea. Perfect personalization for your watch.


Pure individuality: Seiko Mod crowns with a signed S or your own motif.

Seiko Mod sapphire crystal: flat or curved, with AR coating. High quality watch glass for Seiko watches.

Sapphire crystal

Unparalleled quality: Seiko Mod sapphire crystal with AR coating – curved or flat, a scratch-resistant jewel for eternity!

Seiko Mod movements: NH34 GMT, NH35, NH36, NH70 and NH71 - solid and reliable.


Solid and reliable: An overview of the Seiko Mod movements NH34 GMT, NH35, NH36, NH70 and NH71.

Seiko Mod with engravings for crowns and case covers. Unique design and personalized details.


Creative design options: Seiko Mod engravings for a unique watch design.

Ready to wear Seiko Mods
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Bruce Wayne vs. Batman

Wayne Mod

A unique mod.

Seiko Mod GMT Master Zwei - Bruce Wayne

Reviews and experiences from CUSTOM WATCH MOD

Very friendly, quick and adequate advice. Both the watch and modding parts including the conversion were carried out via The result is more than satisfactory! We recommend!

Michael B.
Ingolstadt, Germany
I ordered my new watch including the modding parts and did the “conversion” via Custom Watch Mod – good price and great workmanship – everything was tip top – I’m happy to recommend it!

A. B.
Leonding, Austria